Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Administration, MA (2-years)

Description of studies

Second degree administration studies prepare graduates to take up employment in government and local government units, public and private enterprises, advisory institutions, non-governmental organizations cooperating with public administration and EU institutions. Graduates are prepared to undertake research challenges, including continuing education at third cycle studies.

After completing the education in the second semester, the student chooses one of the three optional modules included in the study program. The optional module covers a group of subjects that make it possible to acquire in-depth knowledge, skills and specialized competences in the field of functioning of public administration entities. Optional module 1 includes subjects related to broadly understood tasks of administration in the field of economy. Module 2 includes subjects related to the specificity, principles and rules of operation of local government units. Module 3 enables the acquisition of professional competences appropriate for the managerial staff at all levels of management of a public organization.


Law, MA (5-years)

Description of studies

5-year uniform Master's studies with a practical profile in the field of law prepare the graduate to take up employment in public authorities in positions related to the application of law, in public and non-public institutions and organizations, in positions requiring legal knowledge, also prepare them to undertake business and legal services for private entities and performing functions in public life.
During the studies, the graduate acquires knowledge in the field of legal sciences, practical skills in applying legal norms, identifying and solving legal problems with the use of tools compliant with the rules of legal art, including the achievements of doctrine and jurisprudence. Studies in the field of law educate in the field of abstract and analytical thinking, teach how to prioritize possible solutions and effects, and to make decisions. A graduate in law will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to apply for legal training (court, prosecutor, legal advisor, attorney, notary or bailiff).
Studies in the field of law are implemented as a practical profile, therefore students will complete a total of 6 months of internship of 960 hours in courts, public prosecutor's offices, law firms, public administration units and enterprises with a human resources department or a legal department. After completing the education in the sixth semester, students choose one of the three optional modules included in the study program. Optional modules include groups of subjects that offer the possibility of acquiring advanced knowledge, skills and specialized professional competences.